Geominex geologists do more than manage and supervise the core business of exploration. Evaluation and review of existing data, geochemical sampling, geophysical programs, mapping, drilling, data management and interpretation – and most importantly quality control – are at the forefront of a Geominex geologist's mind. Geominex provides critical support activities including mobilisation logistics, community and government liaison, and the training of local crews in hard-to-get-to regions and developing countries.
» Prospect Identification
» Early Stage Exploration
» Prospect Evaluation
» Resource Definition
» Project Budgeting & Management
» Mine Geology

Prospect Identification

»   Review of existing data and analytical approach
»   Data Evaluation, Lineament, feature and image interpretation using GIS
»   Identifying and ranking prospects
»   Risk/benefit evaluation

Early Stage Exploration

»   Exploration Permits
»   Data Evaluation, Lineament, feature and image interpretation using GIS
»   Orientation surveys
»   Regional geophysical and geochemical programs
»   Rapid anomaly identification

Prospect Evaluation

»   Gridding and survey control in steep terrain
»   Design & implementation of ground geophysics programs
»   Design & implementation of soil, auger, MMI, BLEG, trench sampling programs
»   Geological and regolith mapping
»   Alteration mapping using PIMA
»   Drilling

Resource Definition

»   Conceptual model generation
»   Drill target identification
»   Selection of appropriate drilling system and spacing
»   JORC compliance – QA/QC for all work and analytical procedures
»   Data compliation, interpretation and modelling using Surpac or Discover 3D

Project Budgeting and Management

»   Creation of work programs, budgets and schedules for exploration
»   Management of existing or new exploration programs for part or all of the scope of the work
»   Selection and coordination of specialists including geologists, geochemists, geophysicists, engineers, logistics, accounting and support services
»   Training of adminstrative, logistics and technical staff
»   Periodic progress reports for owners or regulators, annual reports, recommendations for next phase of work

Mine Geology

»   Underground – sub level cave, narrow lode shrink stope, open stope, alimak stoping
»   Stock management and grade control
»   Initial dilution control development
»   Sludge drilling programs and sludging of production blast holes for minimising dilution
»   Geotechnical mapping, Backs mapping, Ore shape modelling, Reconciliations, Reserve depletion
»   Daily, weekly, monthly reporting
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